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This Case Study is brought to you for free and open access by the Robins School of Euro Disney has two theme parks and seven hotels.

Dutch people noted their work time at MBO System had been adapted for two years in Netherland, and Tom Director of Finance it had failed because Dutch people have different perception, where they believe that they will give percent efforts if they paid percent in normal salary without given any bonus, moreover education, age, marital status and financial need have more influence on salary in Netherland than in United States Case Study, pg Instead, Netherland is a person culture where the power is decentralized and employees can actively integrated in personnel matters, which can be seen from the pictograms.

Communications and Negotiations According to Hofstede and Trompenaars models, national cultures play a vital role in business communications and negotiations within an international environment Dowling et al. For instance it is indicated that the countries with low power distance PD encourage participative two-way communication styles and facilitate more democratic management approach in making business decisions Hofstede, According to Hofstede dimensions, Netherlands score low on PD dimension indicating a culture of being independent, equality with communications and negotiations being direct and participative.

However, issues of work-life balance stands out more important for the employees and there is little consensus between management and employees with regards to it. For instance, John American style needs to change when he sent a memo to his staff in order to work on holiday, as Dutch people favor to involve and need him to discussed it with them before to find a solution.

Managerial Style and Training There are two theories two explain ways of managerial system, theory X and theory Y. Theory X is when managers assume that employees are unwilling to work and require control, while theory Y assumes that employees willing to work and have essential enthusiasm to take more responsibility. In Netherland, people give their effort percent to the job without receive overtime bonus Theory Y. However, it is also observed that the employees are not keen to undertake active leadership role with more focus given to their personal objectives than those of organizational objectives.

Although the management encourage participative style in conducting its business operations but there is less enthusiasm in employees to undertake additional responsibilities other than their stated work roles. According to Torrington et al. However, from the case analysis it is observed due to lack of qualified candidates, the training programs could aim to provide short training courses, which cover significant subjects to help in performing the duties effectively.

Also, as the recruitment of experienced candidates is difficult due to low unemployment in the Netherlands, the training programs for specialist roles like accounts handling should focus on providing effective training sessions to help employees work productively. Work motivation Beardwell and Claydon explain that employee motivation is crucial for enhancing effort levels of the individuals towards organizational goals whilst satisfying their needs and requirements.

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By fulfilled the basic needs, individuals starts to have higher need Maslow, The basic needs for employees are salaries, social network and job security. From the case analysis, it can be analyzed that intrinsic motivators such as self-esteem, social belonging, recognition, safety and security are highly regarded by the employees with less emphasis on rewards and benefits.

In other words, financial independent motivators possess less influence on the work motivation of the employees with more emphasis being given to quality work-life, social belonging and self-esteem. This possesses a cultural conflict with the US culture where employees are mainly driven by financial motivators with less commitment and loyalty towards the organization Evans et al.

Adding to it, it is observed that the employees are less motivated to take active part in additional roles and are mostly limited to their respective work roles and responsibilities. When the bonus scheme based on performance or sales was introduced some employees considered it as demeaning as it suggests they were not working up to percent. This hold mostly true for the Dutch employees as they consider performance based bonus as demeaning and prefer to take low pay for their work. Meanwhile in Belgium, the employees were more oriented to financial incentive, where bonus scheme had been installed there and the response had been encouraging the employees to improve their efforts.

However the bonus relating to company sales performance and meeting the job targets was considered meaningful and motivating.

The Director of Finance, Tom Steiger had tried to tie it with remuneration but felt it had failed due to the incremental tax in Netherland Case Study pg. Netherland has the highest income tax rates due to the growing importance of income dependent allowances. Recruitment and Human Resource Planning Recruitment process is very important by searching and acquiring potential candidates that match the criteria and characteristic of a company Dowling et al, There are several concerns for Manners in Dutch, where only few people wanted to work with the American companies, as it perceived as demanding excessive work and followed by low level of unemployment and the level of education preferred.

In addition, Dutch Government also forbid the management of a company to tell the reason why an employees got fired, which lead to the difficulties of assessing the performance. The major concerns for recruitment at the company location were due to the origins of the company, low rate of unemployment, differences in national and cultural attitudes and last but not the least the lack of highly qualified candidates Brewster et al.

Firstly, the origins of the company relating to the United States resulted in the host company at Netherlands being unattractive for the local nationals due to differences in leadership behaviors, high demand for hard work, business like work attitudes and so on.

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Secondly, the low rate of unemployment, which counts to less than 2 percent, resulted in fewer job seekers, although the positions were made to look attractive by listing as higher positions with minimum experience or no experience requirements. The lack of highly qualified and experienced candidates also posed big problem for recruiting in high positions. Furthermore with difficulties in screening for honest and sincere candidates the company had enacted minimum 6 months of probationary period for all its employees.

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Conclusions and Recommendations In Conclusion, it is highly essential to develop international HRM practices, which are divergent in accordance to the national cultures, over the next two and half years. At the same time, the company should ensure its core competences are aligned with its corporate objectives whilst implementing appropriate recommendations for overall development of both the company and employees.

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Communication and Negotiation Conducting monthly meetings and reviews it will be effective for the company to communicate its business goals and objectives to the employees and their by negotiate performance terms. Furthermore, feedback and reviews from the employees will enable management to understand the preferences of the employees and thereby helps in developing intercultural relationships and conflict resolutions.

Mostly, provision of training to improve individual experiences and enabling suitable career development opportunities will motivate employees to work hard and remain committed to the company. As for the training, it is highly essential to develop initiatives such as team events, workshops and cross-sectional events, which encourage employees to actively, involved in various organizational activities and contribute their skills, competences and knowledge.

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At the same time, the democratic style of functioning helps to develop two-way communications between employees and management and thereby improve operations through encouraging constructive feedback. Motivation Develop HRM practices, which enhance non-financial motivators, and this divergence of practices compared to home country is crucial for enhancing employee motivation and commitment towards organizational goals and objectives. Furthermore, it improves job satisfaction for the employees, which in turn help them to improve their productivity and performance respectively.

However rewarding employees through non-financial rewards like appreciation, recognition, promotions, holidays, coupons would be more attractive for employees who perform exceptionally well and also makes them valued, satisfied and encourages everyone to perform better. Recruitment and Development As the major issue for recruitment lies in cultural differences, the company could adopt host country work culture and attitudes, which could attract more people and makes them comfortable to work.

Benefits could be made attractive including bonuses based on performance. And increasing the trial period helps in monitoring the employee behaviors and work attitudes.

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Brown, D. McCort, N. Dowling, P. Evans, P. New York: McGraw Hill. This minor consists of course work in communication studies, media arts and design, and kinesiology for students with an interest in sports media and communication. Annual Security and Fire Safety Report. SCOM Minors. October 15, Minor Courses and Admission Requirements. Cultural Communication Minor The minor in cultural communication is designed to provide students with principles and theories of communication processes that help explain dynamics of intercultural interactions in personal and professional contexts. Communication Studies Minor A minor in communication studies requires 18 hours of course work in communication studies beyond the General Education requirement, including SCOM , SCOM and a minimum of nine hours of courses at the level and three hours at the level.

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Health Communication Minor The minor in health communication is designed for students who are interested in working in health care or related fields and are completing coursework in areas such as nursing, health sciences, and for students who are in the pre-professional programs. Political Communication Minor The School of Communication Studies and the Department of Political Science offer a joint minor in political communication with emphases on political campaigning and interest groups.

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