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Supply chain management professionals are therefore individuals who participate in one role or the other in the supply to ensure the chain is as cost effective as it is efficient. Supply chain involves stages like to plan, develop, make, deliver and return. As it may have been guessed, all these processes of the supply chain involve intense negotiation.

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Unfortunately, most professionals in the supply chain management do not have resourceful information to help them deal with negotiations especially interculturally and internationally. It should be noted that supply chain management has gone global and therefore the professionals should be armed with this knowledge in order to achieve a win-win situation and avoid the bullwhip sting.

The aim of this research paper is to identify ways in which supply chain management professionals can become effective negotiators. Different aspects of negotiations have therefore been evaluated in respect to supply chain management. The methods used in carrying out a negotiation research are commonly by interviews and questionnaires where the participants give responses to set questions. In this research, the analysis is made on about peer reviewed articles from journals.

The articles are results of researches conducted by interviews and questionnaires as explained. Research questions used in the exercises include negotiation parties, context, outcomes and processes. The four are the major constructs that are distinguishable from all negotiation researches Agndal, Note that this constructs are interrelated and it is therefore hard to make a conclusion about a negotiation based on one construct.

However , to make a coherent argument one has to first look at each construct individually before moving on to the next. The context of negotiation involved questions on what mechanism of negotiation was more effective in relation to technological advances. Various negotiation factors such as negotiation setting, use of time, negotiation issues and effects of cultural differences in negotiation Agndal, It should be noted that most of the research on negotiation carried out have been done with students as the respondents and are therefore experimental in nature.

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Mostly, the likert scale is used in order to determine the range of performance. The questionnaire gives an allowance for responses with a scale from point one to a higher point depending on the scale of the likert with one representing excellence and the high point represent a failure Agndal, It is worth mentioning that most of the student participants who take part in these exercises have either worked as negotiators previously or continue to work as negotiators.

An example of such students are those taking MBA and therefore the simulation researchwork in this case is modelled in a form of role plays. Interviews are better preferred to questionnaires because there is little knowledge about business negotiation and therefore drafting questionnaires that are confident and representative is difficult. Furthermore, questionnaires have an approach that encourages one to make a certain response which makes flexibility difficult. For instance, it is difficult to make a negative response to one question on the questionnaire and a positive on the next because the questions are kind of related.

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In addition using the questionnaires have a propensity for guiding the respondent to a certain line of response. Since most negotiation researches are simulations or experiments, where students are the general respondents, questionnaires results in offering responses with a common result.

On the other hand, interviews enable a researcher to have certain degree of fluctuation that is caused by flexibility of responses Nieuwmeijer, The method of measurement of performance is not convincing in the business world since what students, as the respondents in the research, may think is excellent may not be effective to the business fraternity. The great question is how you measure the performance of a negotiation according to the psychology of a student who is not experienced in business matters? Well, the answer is impossible. Note that researchers take great care to research with students exposed to business negotiations Agndal, Simulation researches are important because they circumvent the possible problems that may arise.

In negotiation, however, implementing them becomes a problem because of the problem of applicability in real life business practice. Note that it is based on theoretical approach and only little practical knowledge in business negotiation, mostly by MBA students is experienced. Furthermore, it can be possible that even if the students have practiced some degree of negotiation, it is still superficial compared to real business negotiation especially in supply chain negotiation which has emerged with great success globally Agndal, There is indication that face-to-face negotiation is preferable to use of technology such as teleconferencing and email.

Note that one of the strategies of negotiation is trust and relationship building.

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Using electronic negotiation makes it impossible for the parties involved to make any relationship building and therefore in most cases negotiations fail culminating to an impasse ending. Additionally, to come to an agreement, the two parties must be able to have an effective communication which involves to and fro.

In a case where the two are working through electronic interphone, it is hard for low or high context negotiators to effectively decipher the stand of their counterpart without feeling embarrassed for the situation. It is always important when negotiating to keep in mind that there are differences in culture which are responsible for many other differences in interaction between different people. Negotiation is no exception.

As a supply chain management professional, it is important to note that effective negotiation will have an understanding of the shortcomings of the other side. It is indicated by the results of the research that electronic negotiation experiences higher outcomes by negotiators of the same dyads. For instance, when a Chinese negotiates with another Chinese electronically, there is a higher outcome than in face-to-face negotiation. Unfortunately this does not happen among different dyads Agndal, The cause of this difference could be that this takes into consideration the concepts of negotiation with time being the major factor.

PespiCo is facing monetary value hiking issue in Saudi Arabia ; it is aching its farther enlargement in soft drink industry. But ministry said Government will direct it to the higher commission of consumer protection association for blessing. Assignment for the first date over the text Electrolux from the exploring corporate strategy book Third of september, Question1 : Refer to section 1.

Try to find examples of all of the items cited in that section. First of all, strategic decisions are long-term decisions and so they will not bring results in a few months or faster and therefore you will not know if they will bring success to your company. So Electrolux made some decisions that will show their results in the future. They decided to Every person develops within a mircosystem, inside a mesosystem, embedded in a exosystem, all of which are part of the macrosystem of the culture according to the textbook. I found a journal article in Journal of Instructional Psychology explaining the Ecological Model and the importance of teachers to understand the different relationships that impact development.

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  • The Mircosystem is the innermost level and refers to the immediate interactions and influences of The author believes that answering these five questions can define and create a successful strategy of an organization, no matter what type, size or context it is. The first question asks after the winning aspiration.

    Most companies have a general or abstract mission, state or vision that makes no reference to competitions, customers or to winning. Has Technology Made Strategy Obsolete? It has been said that, "improvements in technology for waging war have made strategy increasingly irrelevant. Firstly it must be clearly defined how strategy and technology relate to each other.

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    There have been many different views on what, in effect, constitutes strategy. If one were to compare Sun Tzu's concepts of strategy and compare them to that of Clausewitz, it would be clear that the two defined strategy much differently. Sun Tzu viewed strategy as a Upon researching Journalism, I was presented with two outstanding texts that I thought were very crucial towards laying the foundation for a framework that critiques Journalism followed by smaller other texts.

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