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This Case Study is brought to you for free and open access by the Robins School of Euro Disney has two theme parks and seven hotels.

The middle class is perfectly at peace with IITs as it has served them well, or they perceive a promise to be served well. I understand the pressures that drive the choice of a profession so. For a long time they happened to be the most secure and viable professions. You can see the same pressures and the resulting frustration here in the downturn affected US. The new buzzword is how much does your university degree increase your employability index. It is a function of the economic weather, you have it both ways.

With India doing arguably better, students are going for disciplines different from the holy trinity. If one wants wholesome education, university and institutes are a red herring, the target should be primary to higher-secondary schools. At the end it is essentially a resource allocation problem. The crux of the argument is this, if you have a severely limited resources, which may be human, financial as well as infrastructural, do you spread it around all over or collect them in a few pockets and drive traffic there.

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Both will be up for criticism. Public funded higher education centers have always been an convenient whipping boy in any country. For a fair critique of them, we should have at our disposal the tools to measure their direct and indirect impact. I dont think we do a good job of acquiring or using them. Rather than dismantling them a rhetoric that has a seasonal variation in the press more attention should be paid towards the distribution of its costs. The article is a cheap shot at Pakistani students and society.

Logic (Critical Thinking) Part 2

Students from developing countries are more informed and enlightened then their American counterparts. I doubt if critical thinking in students is a deep concern for most Universities in Asia. I think the ability to read whole books, then locate, summarize and express their central arguments and fallacies are truly alien to many in Universities, colleges and governments. Why bother when guides for everything are available? What value would anyone see in the laborious ploughing through of densely written books that eventually get torn to shreds by better wits?

I sense that the world is no longer the known world, and knowledge is no longer the tool that shapes the future. Ideology is.

I hail from a middle-class background and come from a school constituted of different strata of society. I felt an urge to study other religions, political science, history, and scientific research.

PHIL 133-Critical Thinking-Anwar Ul Haq

This urge was due to the fact that I came across people of diverse views, cultural background, ethnicities and religions at LUMS. I started to seek knowledge of the modern scientific ongoing researchs, the history of the different areas in the world, different religions and above all; my own religion, cultural heritage and the political system of my country.

I think of it as a big achievement and a step forward in my life. You might think that this fellow is an exception among many more exceptions. I am aware of the influence of Marx and Locke and many other people from history. He is right.

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The reason behind this is the sorry state of affairs at secondary schools. Dear Sir, This is with reference to the beautiful words and thoughts you have expressed about my university. But at this point i am seriously amused but not surprised as you like other American citizens have clearly misunderstood us Pakistanis. At first, You know what first of all i would like to notify you that we all are proud of our great institution which people abroad see as an elitist university.

Well to remind you that this is the only university in Pakistan despite of worst economic conditions. You must be proud to make such exaggerated claims about LUMS as an institution. Well let me make an interesting case for you just imagine you were a local faculty member or a local Pakistani who would have read the same article as you have written i am sure he must have been impressed with you kind expression of your thoughts as you seem to be very authentic source of guidance in the eyes of some people but with great due respect i would like to notify you you indeed being the wisest have seriously disappointed me at-least i cant say for whole of Pakistan.

You clearly made biased claims using unrepresentative sample of just 40 students to make you world trade center building of your views about pakistani students. Well is it really fair well i am not a Phd but i do know this for a fact that in the eyes of of people claiming to be PHDS its clearly flawed. Well its is some thing equal to if i randomly select a small bunch of people walking across New York street doing all sorts of crimes which you can ever think of. So would it be fair to connect those people with whole of America. I am afraid no Sir.

Well now coming back to the caliber of the students. To remind you one most important fact most of the retakes are usually taking summer just to improve their grades with a desire to improve their respective GPA so that answer you most important question about highly grade conscious students.

Now honorable faculty like you clearly boast with the success of USA that USA has clearly higher standards of education well even if i assume this correct due to existence of some great institutions like Harvard Sorry i am not calling your name , MIT, and many more so whats the big deal. Just imagine LUMS is trying its level best keeping in view how worst conditions under which Pakistan has been suffering for last 10 years due to terrorist attacks, depleting economy and many thanks to same old friendly alley of Pakistan which people of the world view as super powers, USA.

To remind you a great thought Pakistani students hold a significant proportion in your own universities in US holding GPAs up to 4 so would you call those student as well lacking caliber. Its some thing like availability of an opportunity who ever gets it he or she excel in it.

Need Advice?

Well i am afraid no Sir. This is even violates some of the basic laws of United Nations. Have a good day Sir with all your future endeavors. It has been my personal experience to be frustrated with the lack of emphasis on analysis and critical thinking in most classes — whether social sciences or natural sciences. The reason is not just the syllabus and the system, but the students themselves.

There is not a default idea of curiosity and attaining knowledge and education is seen mostly, simply as a means to get to that end of a stable career. At the same time, I want to point out that though this might be the case for the majority of the students, it is not so for ALL of them. I have known people who were interested in what was taught outside the class, who had a wider and deeper knowledge than only what was in textbooks and who engaged in intellectual, relevant and contextual discussions outside of their studies; who are familiar with Marx and Machiavelli and who could tell you the significance of the French Revolution or WWII or Vietnam or just what happened during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

And so yes, I do think that if we want to increase the number of full rounded students, the education system in Pakistan needs to be drastically changed.

PHIL Critical Thinking-Anwar Ul Haq | Argument | Critical Thinking

Again, the idea of viewing education as a means has undermined what it should really stand for. You are right in that it is extremely hard to classify Pakistani students into a single category, but I would not mind that as much if all these different categories merged into a group of open-minded students all of whom could think for themselves and be capable of holding an opinion outside of what is required by the professor.

He taught roughly 40 people, consisting mainly of Freshman or Sophomores. His ethnocentrism and generalization leads me to wonder how he was able to taught at such a prestigious institution, rather, at any institution anywhere in the world. This is Imperialism at its worst. Expect your reputation to be duely soiled, Schweber. I took a course from him..

Ayesha Zaheer

He was real stud.. I am to say the least apalled by Mr. In the short span of time that he did spend here I think hes being a bit too harsh on the students at LUMS. Agreed many might be unaware of the some western philosophers that have shaped modern thought but then again how many of the Arab mathematicians and philosophers from whom the Europeans initially learnt the art of science remembered today in American colleges? The beginning of Renaissance was the end of Crusades. Its a known fact that the Europeans learnt much from the Arabs. I wonder why we hear of Pythogaros and Archemides in our science books but rarely of an Arab who did much more in the field of science.

An ethnocentric and arrogant article, for sure. But I do agree that most Pakistanis lack critical thinking and yes it IS because of faulty secondary education but also because traits like critical thinking can only be afforded by nations who are well fed, well clothed, and in pursuit of higher motivation. Google it. The students at LUMS should be the most well fed and well clothed in Pakistan and should be engaged in the pursuit of higher motivation.

The problem, as you assert, might well be in the secondary education.